• HAIR – the Movie

    Client | Myself
    Year | 2016

    HAIR: A story about love, vendetta, razors and hairstyles. Here it comes the teaser based on my insta-comic HAIR made at Somerset+Mills. A mixture of live action footage we shot, a bunch of rotoscoping, illustration and frame by frame animation. Thanks to everyone who collaborated or have been involved in the project in any way! Without you it couldn’t have been possible!


    Somerset+Mills team:
    Christian Villacañas, Manuel Suárez,
    Ramón Escolá, Jansel Rubiano
    Music and sound design: John Black (CypherAudio)
    Voice Over: Tim Simmons
    DOP: Nilo Zimmerman
    Colorist: Xavi Santolaya
    Additional Animation: Álvaro Afanador
    Additional 2D assets: Jordi Ros
    Costume Design: Anna Villarroya (Grain Clothing)
    Actress: Lidia Amanda Montiel
    Actor: Joan Scufesis