• Fly Me


    Client | Red Bull
    Year | 2011

    While working at Multitouch Barcelona we did an interactive installation for Red Bull, one of the sponsor of the OFFF Barcelona 2011. The installation consisted in a huge trampoline where people were able to jump and each time they reached a certain height a photo was made, so the final result was a video of people flying, because Red Bull gives you wings.
    For the graphic part of the installation we did a hundred characters that served as inspiration for the jumpers. It was printed on a pair of huge canvases that packed up the installation. A year after that, I did a commemorative print with all the graphics (you can see it above).
    If you want, you can see how the installation worked and its final result here.

    • char1
    • char2
    • char3
    • char4
    • char5
    • flymeSpace
    • flymeSpace2